Joba Kicks It Up A Notch

April 30, 2009 – 6:07 pm

NYY 8, Detroit 6. Great outing by Joba Chamberlain. That’s more like the Joba we were expecting this year. Better velocity on the fastball and better control than his last couple of starts (6 K, 3 BB). And very, very efficient — only 85 pitches to complete 7 innings. But probably most important, he struggled mightily in the 3rd — giving up all three of his walks in that inning and finally getting out of a bases-loaded situation with a great strike out of Miguel Cabrera — but then recovered to get the next 9 batters out in order and finish with four scoreless innings. That’s what it takes to be a solid starter — the ability to recover from the one bad inning.

On the offensive side it looks like Nick Swisher is snapping out of his mini-slump, which is good to see. He’s a fun guy to watch and have around — but if he’s going to have another year like he did last year, well he won’t be so much fun. A not so bright spot though is poor Mark Teixeira who is now hitting south of the Mendoza line. To his credit he’s still keeping his OBP somewhat respectable (.365) — but he’s being paid to do a lot more than that.

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