Can It Get Any Uglier?

April 25, 2009 – 9:25 pm

Boston 16, NYY 11.  And you just thought the previous game was ugly.  Wow.  Not only did the poor pitching continue on both sides, but we got treated to bad fielding and terrible base running — from both teams.  And some stupid managing decisions as well.  I’ve seen better little league games.  If these are two of the top teams in the AL this year, the league is in big time trouble.

With now over 10% of the season gone, I would think we’re now at the point where it’s OK to start worrying.  Only a week ago, the pitching looked like it might be turning the corner.  But the last week has pretty much destroyed that idea.  As a team they are now averaging giving up 6.9 runs per game.  I’ll cut A.J. Burnett some slack, as he’s been lights out in his previous three starts.  But Chamberlain and Sabathia are underperforming, and Wang is apparently headed for the DL to be replaced by Phil Hughes, and who knows how that will go.  In the bullpen only Albalajedo and Bruney have shown any consistency at all — and Albalajedo got lit up today, and Bruney is headed for the DL.  The starting rotation is shakey, and the bullpen is scary.  It’s going to be interesting to see how they attempt to right this ship.

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