Ugliness All Around

April 24, 2009 – 11:45 pm

Boston 5, NYY 4.  Well that was plenty ugly on both sides.  The Yankees had 13 hits along with 8 walks, put at least one runner on base every inning — but could only muster 4 runs.  And the Red Sox weren’t all that much better, getting 14 hits with 5 walks and netting only 5 runs.  Together the two teams were a combined 7-for-33 with RISP.  The pitching was ugly, the clutch hitting even uglier.  There wasn’t a single 3-and-out inning for either side until Damaso Marte, of all people, got three straight outs in the 10th.  Of course with Marte you knew that wasn’t going to last, and sure enough he gave up the game winning home run in the next inning.  That pretty much summarized this crappy excuse for a game — you finally think there’s at least one bright spot with Marte’s performance in the 10th, only to have the old Marte quickly re-surface in the 11th.

Once again Joba Chamberlain struggled, although to his credit he certainly kept the team in the game, only giving up 2 runs through 5.1 innings.  But he didn’t look very good doing it.  His command was off, walking 4 while only striking out 2, and the velocity on his fastball is still not where it was last year.  Right now the Yankees are making do with only two starters pitching up to their potential — and that’s not good enough to compete in the East this year.

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