April 24, 2009 – 12:25 pm

Much has been made of all the home runs that were flying out of the new stadium in the first home stand — breaking the record for the first six games of a new stadium, previously set at Municipal Stadium in Kansas City in 1955. Of course six games is a pretty small sample size, so who knows how things will end up. For example, here’s how the stats ended up looking by the end of that 1955 season:

Stadium Home Runs Games
Brooklyn Ebbets Field 204 77
Cincinnati Crosley Field 193 77
New York Polo Grounds 186 79
Kansas City Municipal Stadium 180 76
St. Louis Sportsman’s Park 176 77

After all was said and done, Municipal Stadium ended up in fourth place in total home runs hit (or if you do the math on homers per game, it was in third place). So best that we wait and see how things stand come the end of the season before making judgments here.

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