The Melkman Is Back

April 23, 2009 – 3:19 pm

NYY 9, Oakland 7.  Melky Cabrera tends to be somewhat of a quiet guy, but he is letting his bat do his talking for him — and it’s making quite the statement that maybe the Melky-bashers out there were a bit too quick to write him off last year.  He got the game-winning walk-off home run last night, plus another homer in the early going which got CC Sabathia off the hook for yet another poor outing.  Brett Gardner obviously adds a lot to the offense with his speed on the bases — but you got to get on base first before that becomes a plus, and Gardner so far has been struggling in that category.  You compare Melky’s stats of .304/.385/.826 to Gardner’s .240/.283/.300 and it’s pretty hard for Girardi to keep the Milkman out of the lineup.

Two years ago when both Melky and his buddy Robinson Cano were having very good years, it was fun to watch the two of them as they brought so much enthusiasm to the game — and that was sorely missing last year when they both struggled.  It’s nice to see them both back.

Meanwhile, CC struggled with his command yet again.  He struggled mightily last year in the early season, so hopefully this is just more of the same.  Either CC or Wang needs to get things going pretty quickly, that’s for sure.  CC’s next start is at Detroit, who so far is on torrid hitting pace (team BA of .293).  So he’ll be tested soon enough.

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