Vintage Andy

April 22, 2009 – 11:43 am

NYY 5, Oakland 3.  This was vintage Andy Pettitte — scattering 9 hits over 7 innings, getting knocked around a bit in the 4th inning only to recover and then proceed to get 8 outs in a row.  That’s three starts now for Andy, all three going 7+ innings and giving up 3 or fewer runs.  That’s exactly what you want out of your starter.  Pettitte keeps this up and the starting rotation is going to be in great shape.

Offensively, there were also a lot of positives.  Matsui, who has had some very ugly at-bats earlier in the season, is starting to look a lot better at the plate, and he’s starting to get results as well.  If he can keep this up, and if Brett Gardner improves his BA/OBP just a little bit — that will improve the bottom of the order dramaically, which is the real achilles heel of the offense right now.

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