Could A Bit Of Optimism Be Warranted?

April 19, 2009 – 11:38 pm

NYY 7, Cleveland 3.  Once again A.J. Burnett stepped up after an ugly loss and helped the Yankees put a W up.  This time it wasn’t pretty, that’s for sure — 7 BB, 1 HBP, 3 WP.  But a “quality” start nonetheless, taking it in to the 7th while only allowing 3 runs.  And that was good enough, as Jorge Posada came through with the game winning home run.

All things considered, you have to like what the Yankees have done so far.  Take away the three horrid starts by Wang and they are 7-3.  And as it is, they’re still one game over .500 and second in the East.  You have to figure that the Wang situation will get straightened out one way or the other, and all the other starters look to be meeting expectations and then some.  Offensively, it looks like both Posada and Cano are back to the top of their game.  Plus you have to figure on Mark Teixeira snapping out of his early season slump at some point.  And of course there is A-Rod who is surely chomping at the bit to see what he can do with that wind tunnel in right field.  Although the start has looked ugly at times, the reality is that virtually all of that ugliness traces back to Wang’s problems.  Once that resolves itself this could be a very good year!

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