The New Guys Take Charge

April 15, 2009 – 8:38 pm

NYY 7, Tampa Bay 2.  The new guys sure came through in the clutch — once again it was A.J. Burnett stepping up to stop another 2-game losing streak, and Nick Swisher continuing to hit lights out.  That’s two rock solid starts from A.J., making him clearly the ace on the staff at this early point in the season.  And Swisher is hitting .458 with 4 HR and a gaudy 1.208 SLG.  It’s certainly looking like his poor year last year was an aberration.  What an acquisition he is turning out to be.

Plus in addition to his hitting, you have to love Swisher’s antics as well, both on and off the field.  Watching him pitch in the 15-5 blowout the other night was hilarious!  Yeah, I can understand how old school types like Jorge Posada might not find the humor in that situation — but given that the season is still very young, all things considered getting blown out like that was not that big of a deal.  Now had it been mid-season and the team was languishing at the bottom of the division, THEN I could see how it would be out of line.  But as it was the other night, hey — why not laugh it off?

And how great was it to watch Swisher blast that home run off Matt Garza after Garza had intentionally tried to bean him?  Talk about old time baseball — Swisher has some fun with the Rays, they retaliate by throwing at him, and Nick turns around and blasts a home run to get right back!  You got to love it!

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