Pettitte Goes Retro

April 11, 2009 – 9:06 am
NYY 4, Kansas City 1. Wow, who was that masked man out there on the mound wearing number 46? That was certainly the best game Andy Pettitte has pitched in a long time, certainly since his return to the Yankees two years ago. Don’t get me wrong, Pettitte has been a very solid, reliable starter over that time frame. It’s just that as he’s gotten older, it’s clearly been more of a struggle for him. But he’s always been up to the task, continually bending but rarely breaking. But yesterday he breezed through 7 innings like it was 1996 — the line score was 1 run on 3 hits, which could have easily been 0 runs on 2 hits had Nick Swisher not misplayed a routine fly ball. And 4 of those 7 innings were 3-and-outs. Very impressive. Pettitte is the only real question mark on the starting rotation, simply because of his age — but if yesterday is any kind of indication of the type season he’s going to have then the rotation is going to be even stronger than anyone predicted.

Meanwhile, how about Kyle Farnsworth? Krazy Kyle faced the heart of the Yankee order in the 7th, and struck out the side. But of course in his previous appearance he blew a save by giving up a 3-run home run. Some things just never change.

Andy Pettitte

Photo by Googie Man.

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