An Ugly Start

April 6, 2009 – 11:13 pm

Baltimore 10, NYY 5. Well that was a rather inauspicious start.  We’re playing the worst team in the division, we’ve got our $131 million ace starting against a guy who struggled all spring — and we get doubled up, 10-5.  Not only did Sabathia stink it up, our $180 million acquisition, Mark Teixeira, went 0-for-4 with 5 LOB.  And adding to the ugliness was some botched fielding by Brett Gardner and Cody Ransom, plus a major base running blunder apparently the fault of third-base coach Rob Thompson.

Clearly it’s only one game with 161 more to play — so it’s easy enough to discount it.  But still, this is a team that desparately needs to get off to a good start.  They are on a six-year skid, each year not quite measuring up to the previous year.  Yet another slow start could be a killer.

But there were some bright spots — Matsui came through with a clutch home run which brought the Yanks within one run at 6-5 in the seventh inning.  And they did get the tying run in scoring position in both the seventh and eighth inning, but couldn’t get that run in.  Then the bullpen imploded and it was over.  But the good news here is that when they got down 6-1 after five they didn’t roll over and quit, which seemed to happen time and time again last year.  So maybe that’s the silver lining for this stinker.

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