Will Someone Shut Up Rick Sutcliffe?

March 16, 2009 – 11:47 am

Ah, there is a foul odor in the air emanating from ESPN and that can only mean one thing — baseball is back and Rick Sutcliffe is yet again making a fool of himself.  For anyone not following the WBC, last night in a 9-3 romp over The Netherlands by Team USA, someone named Bryan Engelhardt hit a meaningless home run off Matt Lindstrom.  Well, apparently Lindstrom took offense at how Engelhardt did his home run trot and intentionally threw at the next batter.  I was watching the game and was befuddled as to why Lindstrom was so upset — whatever it was Engelhardt did, you see far more egregious conduct by MLB hitters on a regular basis.  It certainly didn’t call for any retaliation, even if this were two MLB teams playing each other in the regular season.  Which of course it was not — what it was was some Dutch ball player who will never ever play in the MLB, and who probably makes about a tenth of what the average MLB player makes, in a game pitting the mighty USA against The Netherlands of all teams, and at a point where the game was all but over.  Whatever it was that Engelhardt did, you let him have his moment in the sun and get on with it.  There’s no excuse whatsoever for what Lindstrom did.  But Rick Sutcliffe not only is outraged at the incident, he won’t let it go.  He continues on and on belittling Engelhardt and trying to justify what Lindstrom did.  What a jerk.  Sutcliffe is an embarassment to ESPN, and that’s saying quite a lot.

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