Go Out In Style?

September 10, 2008 – 8:20 pm

If there was any doubt at all as to whether this team has simply quit trying, today’s game should put an end to that doubt.  Let’s re-cap the last two series.  Against Seattle they get 1 run on 2 hits against a guy making his first major league start, then follow that up with 2 runs on 5 hits against someone with a 6.53 ERA.  Then at LA they get 1 run on 6 hits against a pitcher with a 4.64 ERA, and now today they can muster all of 2 runs on 4 hits against a guy with a 7.90 ERA.  They scored two or fewer runs in four of the last six games against pitchers who ranged from league average to terrible.

Given that it’s his first year, you have to cut Joe Girardi a lot of slack — but at some point you have to start wondering what it’s going to take for him to light a fire under these guys.  Yes, the season is long gone — but it’s never too soon to start sending a message about next year.  The Yankees now have ten more games to play at Yankee Stadium before it’s closed for good.  Seven of these games are against playoff-bound teams, so the bar is set high.  Let’s see if Girardi can inspire them enough to at least go out in style and not embarass themselves and the uniform in these last home games.

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