Fun At Last

September 3, 2008 – 12:02 am

NYY 7, Tampa Bay 2.  So exactly who were those guys in the pinstripes?  They looked exactly like the New York Yankees of yesteryear — good hitting throughout the lineup, key hits with men on base, good base running, good fielding (with one obvious exception!), and strong starting pitching as well as relief.  It’s too little too late as far as this season goes — but hey, if they can continue to play like that for the rest of September at least they will be fun to watch!

And Mike Mussina is still very much on track to win twenty games, which would at least salvage something from this disaster of a season.  He should get five more starts, but three of them will be against playoff teams (Tampa Bay, Chicago, and Boston).  So it’s no cinch at all — but it will definitely provide some excitement as the season winds down.  In fact, in a perfect world he would win his next start against Seattle, then beat Tampa Bay after that — which would set him up to win No. 20 in his last start in Yankee Stadium.  Now that would be nice.

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