Too Little, Too Late?

August 20, 2008 – 9:30 pm

NYY 5, Toronto 1.  Clearly Derek Jeter didn’t get the “mail it in” memo that Alex Rodriquez and Jason Giambi got.  Jeter has now hit safely in the last six games, going 16-for-28.  He seems to be the only non-pitcher on the team that understands the dire straits the Yankees are now in.  He’s never spent an October watching the playoffs from his living room, and apparently the idea of doing just that this year isn’t sitting too well.

Meanwhile, the pitchers continue to do more than their share.  Pettitte had yet another good outing — that’s three in a row, which has been pretty much his pattern this year.  Four or five good starts, and then a stinker.  Overall the pitching this year has been as good as the hitting has been bad.  The Yankees have now held opponents to two or fewer runs in 46 games so far this year — that compares to 48 games all of last year.  One can only imagine what this season would have been like if the offense hadn’t totally disappeared.

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