A Win Is A Win, Right?

August 16, 2008 – 7:52 pm

NYY 3, Kansas City 2.  Yet another extremely ugly game, but at least this time the Yankees ended up on the winning end.  One solitary earned run in 13 innings off the Kansas City Royals?  You have to be kidding.  But fortunately this was the second worst team in the league, and so they graciously coughed up three errors that made the difference.  That’s what it’s come down to these days — for the Yankees to win, they have to hope the other team just beats themselves.

Whether the offense will reappear before the end of the season is starting to look highly doubtful.  A team that averaged right at six runs a game last year has now scored six runs only once in the last ten games.  This afternoon they were a typical 3-for-16 with RISP.  But the good news is that the pitching seems to be getting back in the groove they were in right after the All-Star break — Ponson gave them yet another quality start, and then the bullpen threw six plus innings of one-hit, shutout ball.  So the question now appears to be whether or not the pitching can carry them to the post-season, as it’s clear the hitting won’t.

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