A Win Is A Win

August 13, 2008 – 10:59 am

NYY 9, Minnesota 6.  A rather ugly win, but hey beggars can’t be choosy, no?  Once again the Yankees couldn’t hit with RISP, with A-Rod going 0-for-5 with six runners on before finally connecting in the 12th inning.  Once again Marte couldn’t get the job done in the eighth inning, and that’s now officially become a huge problem (are we missing Crazy Kyle yet?).  And then you have the great Mariano Rivera — you just knew that all the problems he’s had of late in non-save situations were eventually going to bleed over in to actual save situations.  Sure enough, on an 0-2 pitch he throws up a gopher ball to a guy who has hit all of five home runs this year.  So at that point you had to figure the bus was headed directly towards the ditch.  But alas, A-Rod redeems himself in the 12th along with a much-needed added insurance 2-run blast by Nady.  And we shouldn’t overlook the four shutout innings that the bullpen put up after Rivera’s blown save.  That’s probably just as positive a sign as the 12th inning hitting was.  Now to see if they can salvage the series today.

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