The Slide Continues

August 12, 2008 – 10:43 am

Minnesota 4, NYY 0.  Yet another lethargic hitting performance — that’s now 38 times the Yankees have been held to two runs or fewer this season.  They sure looked like a team that had just gotten swept and has pretty much given up on the season.  And unless things start to improve very quickly, the questions about Girardi’s management decisions are going to start escalating.  The decision last night to play Christian and Sexson rather than Damon and Giambi is a real puzzler.  Yes, earlier in the season his strategy to make sure the starters got a lot of rest and that the bench players saw action on a regular basis made some sense.  But the time for that strategy is long passed — this is the first game of a critical series, and time is running out.  You can’t afford to sit the league’s leading hitter for a .250 hitter or sit your number five hitter with a .517 SLG for someone with a .385 SLG.  Now they pretty much have to win the next two games in this series.

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