August 10, 2008 – 8:48 pm

Los Angeles 4, NYY 3.  Once again, you could see this one coming from a mile away.  For whatever reasons, Marte just can’t seem to throw strikes when he has to.  You can’t walk the number nine hitter in that situation.  And of course, Rivera is totally incapable of pitching in non-save situations.  You can’t fault Girardi — he did exactly what he had to do with sending Marte out there and then bringing in Rivera.  But you knew it was going to end badly anyways.  The Yankees just don’t have the talent to compete with this Los Angeles team.  That’s the sad reality.

At this point, you can probably forget about any division title — but in theory the wild card is still very much in play.  But of course, if somehow they do win the wild card, they’ll end up facing the Angels in the first round — so that will be the end of that.  Oh well, how many days until 2009 Spring Training?

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