August 8, 2008 – 11:33 am
Mike Mussina NYY 3, Texas 0. Mike Mussina removed any doubt of who the “ace” of this staff is. Remarkable that it was just short of a year ago that most of the pundits had Mussina washed up and ready for retirement. But now here he is headed for potentially a 20-win season, and you are even hearing his name mentioned in the same sentence as “Cy Young award”. Unlike his previous outing against LA where he seemed to be in total control, last night was an incredibly gutsy performance — he gave up at least one hit in each of the first six innings, yet survived to throw seven shutout innings against the highest scoring team in the league. And let’s not overlook the bullpen performance either — two hitless innings from the combination of Bruney – Marte – Rivera. This could be a sign of things to come for how Girardi is going to handle 8th inning setup situations.

Photo by ccho.

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