Joba Rules

July 25, 2008 – 10:25 pm

NYY 1, Boston 0.  Once again, the pitching comes through.  Great start by Joba who is quickly establishing himself as one of the top starters in the game.  And a 5-out save from Mo, who long ago established himself as the best reliever in the game.  No hitting — but that’s no surprise.  If not for a squirrelly swinging bunt hit by Giambi, this one could well have challenged the greatest pitching duel of all time.

And in other news, looks like the Yankees have landed both a solid hitting outfielder — Xavier Nady — as well as a much-needed lefty reliever — Damaso Marte .  I never have understood how many people can bash Brian Cashman, as I’ve always considered him one of the top GMs in the game.  And this trade is further proof of that.  The two biggest holes are now plugged.  Time to kick things in to high gear!

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