Yankees Go Back-to-Back

July 23, 2008 – 10:06 am

NYY 8, Minnesota 2.  Another textbook-type win.  This time it was Rasner who came within one out of a quality start, and once again the bullpen pitched magnificently, shutting out the Twins with just one hit. Plus Farnsworth got his reliever’s no-hitter, stringing together nine straight hitless innings.   Most of the offense came from the middle of the order (5-for-10 with 4 RBIs), which is starting to get some consistency.  And Robbie Cano continues to light things up.  The bottom of the order is still a potential problem, but as long as the guys in the first six positions put runs up and the pitching continues as it has, the Yankees should be in good shape.

For the last couple of nights on the broadcast, Al Leiter has been attributing a lot of the success of the bullpen to Joe Girardi’s management — and that makes a lot of sense.  Joe Torre’s weakest management area was the bullpen.  It always seemed like he was just throwing darts at a board to make decisions — over-working some relievers, never using others, never establishing what would appear to be any long-term strategy.  But as Leiter pointed out, Girardi has done the exact opposite.  Everyone seems to know exactly what their role is, everyone is getting work, and things are running very smoothly.  Kudos to Girardi.

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