All-Star Game

July 17, 2008 – 10:43 am

Maybe it was just because that was the last All-Star game to ever be played at Yankee stadium, but I for one thought it was a great game.  What I found puzzling though is how many fans had left by the time it ended.  Granted it was something like 1:30 in the morning, but still….. I have to believe the prices for tickets were through the roof, so one would think everyone attending would like to get all their money’s worth.  I certainly would have been there to the end.

On a separate note, hats off to Tony Francona on how he handled everything.  What a nightmare managing the All-Star game has become.  And all because of this silly rule that the outcome of the game determines home field advantage for the World Series.  It’s always seemed to me that was just a public relations gimmick and one that seems to have not had much effect.  Every time you see or hear someone involved with the game selling the line “This time it counts”, they seem to come across like a used car salesman.  Why not just dump that idea and go back to the way things were?  That would return the All-Star game to being nothing more and nothing less than an exhibition, and once again make it plain fun for everyone — the way it was always intended to be.  Managers can go back to just trying to get everyone in to the game, and not worry about what pitchers they should and should not use.  Seems like such a simple solution.

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