Pettitte For President

July 8, 2008 – 9:31 pm

NYY 5, Tampa Bay 0.  Now that’s a BIG win.  Maybe the biggest win so far this year.  First off you have Andy Pettitte rebounding from one of his worst starts of the season with what is definitely his best game of the year.  And by going eight innings, the entire bullpen (save Ramirez) gets the night off — and with Sir Sidney on the mound tomorrow, that’s very big.  Girardi will now have the luxury of a very quick hook tomorrow if need be.  Beyond the shutout, you also have a pretty nice offensive show.  Yeah, five runs isn’t exactly an explosion — but they were able to work Kazmir enough to get him out after five innings, and then were able to put the game away against the TB bullpen.  That’s the basic recipe for success these days — keep the game close, get to the bullpen, and then pound the relievers to get the win.  Yet another plus in the game was El Capitan Derek Jeter’s performance.  Jete seemed to have quietly gone in to a funk of late — but there he was with the clutch double in the third to give the Yankees the lead, and then again he came up with a great fielding play in the 7th to get Andy out of a jam.  I know all the stat heads complain about Jeter’s fielding and particularly his range — and I’m sure there are a lot of them out there saying right now that was a routine play for the average shortstop.  But I have to believe my eyes, and that looked like one helluva play.

Then of course there was that other little factor — beating the first place team.  That’s three in a row against the two teams ahead of the Yanks in the standings.  And tomorrow they can make it a two-game sweep.  Things are looking up!

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