High Drama From The Sandman

July 5, 2008 – 6:43 pm

NYY 2, Boston 1.  It’s probably a bit over-dramatic to call any game in July a “critical” win — but it’s also easy to imagine how crushing it would have been to lose this one.  In spite of yet another totally anemic offensive output, the Yankees took a 2-0 lead in to the ninth because of yet another excellent performance by Mike Mussina along with some heroics from several of the “lesser” players.  If Rivera had ended up blowing the save here — well, you could probably officially state that the wheels were off and the bus was in the ditch.  But as it is, Joba is on the mound tomorrow and the Yankees have an excellent chance of actually splitting the series with Boston.  If they win that one, then can somehow take the short two-game series with Tampa Bay, and say maybe win three of the next four before the All-Star break — that could easily turn the season around.  So we’ll have to see just how much they can build off this high-drama victory.

But even if the Yankees just continue the same old funk, what a sweet win this one was.  Mussina throws six very crisp shutout innings, then Veras and Farnsworth continue the great string of middle relief performances that are gradually becoming the norm.  What little offense there was came from the much-maligned Melky Cabrera and rookie Brett Gardner, who even though struggling at the plate managed to get what ended up being the game winning RBI.  And let’s not forget some sparkling defensive plays by Gardner, Cabrera, and Cano.  The offense continues to suck big time, and clearly that’s still the major problem.  But at least the defense is keeping the ship afloat for now.

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